The Impact of Social Media on Security

impact of social media security

The Impact of Social Media on Security.

The Internet has created a far different place from the online world we knew some years
ago. This revolutionary change has affected the way Internet is being used for both personal and professional purpose. It has opened numerous opportunities for individuals and organizations around the globe.

The Internet has provided a platform for Individuals and companies to build a unique identity, reach a wider audience within a short time, network
with potential clients, generate leads and promote their goods and services.

The development of mobile devices has made the Internet readily available to the populace, hence contributing to making the world a global village. This has resulted in an ever-increasing use of Social Media and internet which has changed the definition of communication and social interaction.

Recent data shows that there are about 1.86Billion users on Facebook with 1.2 Billion active daily, 600 Million users on Instagram, over 450 Million on LinkedIn and this increase is observed on all other social platforms as well.

There is no doubt that these social media platforms have affected our personal life, professional life, and even our business.

With social media now a part of everyday life, so are schemes to use them for crime increasing. Millions of internet users use their personal information to register with one or more social media platforms. Hence, security risks such as impersonation and data leakage have become more rampant and easy for scammers. Others users are also provided information about their credit or debit card and use those cards to purchase different products, items or services through these social media platforms.

With these security trends, advised that organizations must be proactive and ensure that all
facets of the business are protected while engaging with customers, increasing brand
awareness, and generating revenue. Individual users must customize the security setting of their social media account, set security questions and should not display every personal
detail on their profiles.

The Best Social Media Platforms for Business are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+
YouTube and LinkedIn
These platforms provide access to a huge number of audience for business to Business and Business to Clients Marketing with different interest. So depending on the products or services, your target audience can be reached with a cost-effective digital strategy with ease.

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