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Idigify Nigeria has a proven track record in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services  in Nigeria. We have helped our clients rank on Google 1st page for keywords relating to their industry, products and services.

Optimize your web presence, increase your online visibility, drive quality leads, and increase your revenue with our effective SEO services.

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Our SEO experts have taken companies from little or no visibility on search engines to as much as 50-times traffic increase.  See the case study > (

This kind of exponential growth requires advanced SEO techniques that keep up with Google’s ever-improving guidelines and best practices.

Our SEO Services covers:

  • Audit & Status Reports
  • Analytics & Search Console
  • On-Page & Off-Page SEO
  • Local SEO
  • E-Commerce SEO
  • SEO-focused Copywriting
  • Link building
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What you should expect from our SEO Services:

1. Online Visibility:

We create an online visibility for your product, business and brand. How to we do this? With our in-house SEO strategies coupled with our experience and expertise, we deliver for our clients.

2. Higher Return on Investment

Comparatively, sites with good SEO strategy achieve more sales results than paid sites

3. Cost of ranking high on search engine

While you pay for every single click when you use a paid advertisement campaign, there are no charges to SEO organic results on search engines.

4. High Relevance and Credibility

Regardless of what type of marketing technique you use to promote your website, online users believe that organic results are more relevant than PPCs; As a matter of fact, more than 75% of online users believe that organic result as more credibility because of their contents.


5. Longevity of your search results:

While results generated from PPCs campaign may be short term, results generated through good search engine optimization last longer. In due time, before long, SEO campaign results show consistency.

6. Increase Traffic, Increase Market Share

Statistically, organic listing on search engines have more than 25% conversion rate PPCs. SEO companies deliver such results.

7. More Leads to your Business:

Statistically, impact of SEO results on a website is the number one source of leads. In fact, the report shows that SEO provides more leads from both B2C and B2B that both PPC and Social Media Marketing.

8. Profitability

At the present, SEO is considered to be the most profitable form of internet marketing. In fact, with search engine optimization you only pay the SEO company an agreed fee, while with PPCs, it is pay as you go; and conversion results on PPCs are far lesser than conversions from SEO.

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